PDC 2005 is here in Los Angeles again and I'm back here as well.
The LA Convention Center (next door to the Staples Center) is a monstrosity--
one can easily walk several miles attending sessions during just one day!

Link to the Microsoft page for PDC 2005: http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/pdc/

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More slides available now [ 2005/09/15, 15:27:01 ]

I've been watching the PDC internal web site and pulling the files down as I find them. I've added about a dozen more slide decks to the 'Sessions' page listed in my prior post. The new ones are highlighted in a light orange.


Session slides [ 2005/09/15, 10:26:25 ]

Of the PDC 2005 Session slide decks I've downloaded so far, I'm uploading them to my ISP for all of you to start reading. You can get the list of sessions with links to the files to download from my PDC Sessions page.

Glad my hosting provider gives me 2GB of disk space to play with!!! (I hope the bandwidth limitation doesn't kick in!)



Almost forgot...LINQ [ 2005/09/15, 09:52:51 ]

After reviewing my notes, I realized that I forgot to mention the LINQ stuff.

LINQ is language extensions to C# and VB.NET which provides SQL-query-like capabilities in managed code against standard objects!. After seeing the initial stuff, I was thinking "finally!". I can have a string array in memory and use a SQL-like query to select, sort any or all of the items from the array (yes, select a subset of the elements).

Instead of me writing it up and getting stuff wrong (since I don't have the reference paper in front of me right now), read more at this article by Don Box and Anders Hejlsberg: LINQ Project.


Long and Busy days... [ 2005/09/15, 09:47:05 ]

Last night was the PDC Party at Universal Studios Hollywood--I didn't go. After a full day of sessions I wanted to collect my notes, organize the loot I've picked up so far, and catch up on some work stuff. It's a good thing I planned ahead and brought two suitcases--one fully empty--given the handouts, books, shirts (I think it's over 10 so far) and stuff I've purchases (DOH!). What can I say. Geeks like toys.

Anyhow, off to more sessions today. Too bad I can't be in two (3, 4 or even 5) places at once. Here's what I'd like to be attending, but the items in red are the ones I will most likely attend. I'll figure out how to cover those two at 3:45 somehow...
Thursday schedule

It's a very good thing that the DVD's from the conference (which should arrive in about 2 months) will have the video presentations from all sessions!


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